Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ask God.

How can His angels be this hot?
Seriously, if all angels are these sexy, I’m gonna spend my whole life doing only good things. Just to assure myself of a place there. LOL XD
I have just written about the boys’ transformation. But as a Teukkie-girl that I am, of course, Teuk will have his own article here. ^_^
Now what’s new?
Teuk had already given us a bird’s eye-view of how his body looks like on the Super Show 2. We knew what we’re waiting for, but I was still caught off guard.
Because it’s not just the body that changed. EVERYTHING TRANSFORMED.
When I saw Teuk on the 4jib, I couldn’t remember seeing the person that he is on the past videos or concepts. Seriously. There is no sign of childlikeness anymore. It’s just pure sexiness, and his body made Rain’s and Siwon’s look ordinary.
The charisma overflows. And it is difficult to resist. Teuk has changed. And if pictures and videos can really get someone pregnant, I would have been bearing the angel’s child by now.

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