Sunday, May 9, 2010

Teuk’s Defense


I can’t describe the emotions I felt when I first learned of Teuk’s Twitter account. I was sleeping when I received this message from May (@pennylanechic). Upon waking up and discovering the news, I immediately ran to my PC and started browsing like crazy.
It then felt a lot better when Teuk tweeted when I was online. It was mixed emotions. My insides are trembling and I feel like my heart’s gonna burst. Seriously. I was really excited and sent lots of mentions and replies. I hope it got read though. LOL XD
I knew it.
My wish was granted. My dream came true. Just when I was looking for a way to send messages directly to him, the angel descended and so Twitter became the real heaven.
I, then, remembered what happened with his Cyworld account. It was no longer his resting place, after all the bashing got from some SNSD fans. I know, it’s kinda heartbreaking but yeah, his minihompy is closed now.
I predicted right. He will get Twitter.
And now that he’s on it, I have this fear that that would happen again. But I doubt it. Really. Because one word, and Teuk has international ELFs at his back.
Think about this: With that Cyworld incident, he only got Korean ELFs to fight for him. But now, should anybody bash him on Twitter, he’s got the whole world for defense.

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