Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brothers’ Promise

Diary Entry
Written on 2010.05.01 at 19:38
Brother’s promise..
Keep your chin up!!! Sungjinah don’t get hurt and always be healthy!!
Let’s both run hard till the next time we meet!~
No matter how hard it may be just think about our promise…
Original Source. 이성민 미니홈피
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET
There’s something in this diary entry that moved me. And it’s not just because it is Sungmin who wrote it. Hmmm. I know you’re guessing right.
I’m touched. Sungjin is his younger brother. And obviously, they made a promise together, which we don’t know, of course. It’s an agreement between brothers. It’s an agreement of a family.
One thing did I conclude when I read this: Min is a good brother. I can’t be definite in justifying it but isn’t it obvious? I know you feel the same way I do at the moment.
Okay. Okay. Let’s try to put it into words.
Sungmin is a busy a very busy person. But he finds time for his family. He becomes a son to his parents and a brother to Sungjin. What connection does it make? Simple.
We are all busy. We normally work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 20 days a month. We always say we do this for family, not realizing that the more we get ourselves busy with the future, we forget the present and set aside the real objective we have – family.
I know some of you don’t get this. I’m actually looking for words to describe how I feel. I just feel touched. This just moved me.
Maybe because I have a brother too, and because I am currently the breadwinner for the family. I wish I could really make a promise with my oppa… I really do.
Sorry for the randomness. I’m having a hard time thinking now.

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