Monday, May 24, 2010

I’ll Be Waiting.

Say your goodbye, say you’re sorry.
I’ll breathe in and smile, my dearest baby.
Say you’re leaving, but say a promise too.
That when you come back, it’ll be forever with you.

Leave me soon, and I’ll understand
But never, I plea, let go of my hand.
Cry all you want, scream if you should
Free yourself from everything that’s not good.

But before we depart, I say this to you,
I will love you as how I always do.
I’ll cry but my heart will never turn to stone
So when you come back, i’ll embrace you and say:


Kangin-oppa. I’ll wait for you.
Copyright: This poem is mine. Written for Kangin of Super Junior.
Disclaimer: The picture isn’t. Got it from somewhere.
I’m not sure if it’s Kangin or Geng, but whatever. The picture depicts my poem. I hope you’ll appreciate this as how you appreciated ‘I will Carry you’.

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