Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I must admit, I went gaga when I saw these pictures. I was at the office when I saw this on my phone and boy, was it so hard to control my emotions then. They are sexy. Vampires, indeed.
But after a few seconds, I let out a sigh and stopped my tears from falling when I counted them. 10. Three are missing: Kibum, Kangin, Geng.
I know this would happen, though I still hoped that it will be the other way around. Though I am really drooling over the sexiness conveyed by their new concept, God knows how much pain I am feeling right now upon realizing that they’re incomplete.
Kibum’s focusing AGAIN with his acting career, Geng’s issue is still unsolved, Kangin decided to enlist himself in the military this October. We’re left with 10 members.
Yeah, I was disappointed. But this got me to my senses:
No matter what others say even if I’ve heard don’t want to (won’t) care about them .
13… & E.L.F
Lee Donghae’s Cyworld
(shared by viragis @
Donghae, himself, doesn’t care. Because from Leeteuk to ELF, we’re one.
That’s why I should just put my whole trust again.
On May 13… The 4jib will be released. Only 10 of the members will participate in the comeback performances, and probably in the SS3 concert too.. But it doesn’t matter whether they’re complete or not. Just as long as nobody let go.
I know nothing’s certain. Anybody could leave. I know I’m longing to count one to thirteen again. But no matter what happens, they are still Super Junior.
It’s funny how Super Junior gives Mathematics a brand new definition. They taught me that 13+2 is 1…
Now, they’re teaching me that 10 = 13.
Because nobody’s giving up. Nobody’s letting go. Yet.
This might even be something that no one cares about…or it might not be nothing…
Nevertheless at least the decision puts an end to our long agony.
We can’t put all details and our true feelings in each news article.
But as expected there’s a lot of talk going around.
It was all expected……..
We can’t just smile….but we believe it was the best choice.
And we don’t ever stop….no..we can’t stop.
For anyone who believed in us and waited for us…
For anyone who endured the tough times…
For anyone whose heart still hurts each time they look at this news article and pictures…
We can’t stop……I’m going to engrave the word ‘START’ in my heart once again
Lee Hyukjae, Cyworld
Original Source. 이혁재 미니홈피Translated by. GAIA at SJ-WORLD.NET
Thank you ♥ jubee ♥ for fixing the weirdness of the first line

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