Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let’s Get Real This Time.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk has spoken about Shindong’s love confession to his girlfriend in the “thanks to” section of their 4th album.
On May the 14th, in the KBS building, Leeteuk spoke to reporters in the waiting room of KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank”, saying that “Us members jokingly told him he should get married within the year”.
Shindong is currently dating a non-celebrity girlfriend. Fans figured this out through a message in Shindong’s “Thanks to” section of the 4th album. Fans interpreted Shindong’s secret code as “Hey Nari. Let’s get married. This is a proposal. I want to love you forever”. SM Entertainment has confirmed that Shindong is dating.
Leeteuk said that “The members have met [his girlfriend]” and “She’s a good friend”. He also disclosed the following: “Yesterday when Heechul saw an article fans had written [with the cracked code], he contacted Shindong”, and “Shindong sent a text to all the members saying ‘Sorry’”.
Leeteuk added: “Now I know why Shindong was grumbling in front of his computer when he was writing his thank you note,” and “He said it’s been awhile since we’ve released an album so he apologized again for diverting attention towards himself. We told him it was alright”.
Meanwhile Super Junior came back through their 4th album title song “Hey Beautiful Girl” on Music Bank. They have been receiving attention for the powerful “skate dance” they showed on today’s stage.
Original Source. Newsen
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET
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I knew it’s gonna happen. After all, they’re normal people and are all vulnerable to the disease called LOVEI am just so lucky that it is not the leader who gets to do it first.
We know what happened. Shindong proposed to his girlfriend through the Thank You section in their new album. Yes, Donghee has a girlfriend (making it impossible for others to have none.) And another yes, he used codes to let Nari know.
Okay, don’t get me wrong, everyone. I am very happy for Nari and Shindong. Should the girl say yes, it would be one big celebration for me. But the envy lives onIt sucks to admit this but I am envious of Nari for being loved by a Super Junior member, and for being a good friend to the other members. I wonder how she feels whenever she’s with the group.
She is lucky, and I wouldn’t contest to that.
The only thing that’s keeping me sane now is that it’s not yet Teuk who’s proposing. Though there is this big possibility that he is in love with someone already.
I guess, now that it started to happen already, it would now be safe to admit that it hurts. With Shindong, it got me really jealous already. How much more if it was Teuk? Shocks. I could have gone crazy if it was the leader.
Because the truth cannot be denied. And the truth is, no matter how impossible it might be, I still hope that a miracle would happen, and Teuk would find me and choose me among the billion ELFs all over the world. I want him to introduce me to the other members as his girlfriend, and yeah, I want to see my name in his Thank You section too.
I am like a princess waiting for his prince charming to save him from total damnation. Because yes, I want Teuk to love me.
But it’s impossible. And it hurts to realize that the possibility of that dream to come true is much more than the possibility to see a star brightly twinkle in the sky during daytime.
Maybe, I’m over reacting but at some point, I know  you feel it too.
You know what, some people say Nari is an ELF. When I heard that, I want to fly to Korea at once. I want to try my luck with Leeteuk. but that’s absurd. I don’t have the guts, money and chance. I don’t even have the face to present to the leader, should the first three fantasies come true.
Well, yeah. It’s not like I’m bringing myself down but let’s just be a little realistic here, this time.
Allow me on this: This is bullshit. Why does it fucking hurt?

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