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Cyworld: Donghae 2010.01.03

2010/12/31 Believe in Teukie hyung and let’s go again…Let’s smile like what Eunhyuk said…
credits: Donghae’s Cyworld
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I can’t just let this day pass by without me saying what I want to say aboutDonghae’s status bar update.
Yes, everyone, this wasn’t an entry. Hae posted this on his sidebar and it was really touching.


You know what? I know how it feels to see everything I’ve worked for so hard slowly falling apart. I know how painful it is to see things I don’t want to see happening, or I don’t want to happen. It feels so frustrating. It feels so difficult.
But I know the feeling too of having someone to depend on in times like this.I know the feeling of knowing someone, who I believe will make things right. I know how it feels to have a leader as Leeteuk. It feels safe. It feels great.
Hae trusts Leeteuk more than anyone else when it comes to Super Junior. Of course, it’s natural. Teukkie is the leader. And this just proves how great leader he is.
2009 wasn’t an easy year for the boys. So much had happened. So much had they went through. And now that 2010 has started, Hae believes that everything will be fine. Because he’s believing on Teukkie. Because he knows that Teukkie can fix everything again.


Teukkie cannot make it on his own. He needs help too. Good thing Hyuk and Hae have their ways of helping. Yes – being happy.
Smiles create miracles, you know. It do wonders – wonders we never think we can ever witness with just flexing some facial muscles. It gives light to where it’s dark. It show the best things, it give the best things.
Smiles can make things easier.
So take this as an advice: Like how Hae and Hyuk do, be happy. And be not a burden to anyone. Trust on people so everything may be right. And you never know, you’ll be living in the most perfect place as the Sapphire Blue World.

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