Sunday, January 17, 2010

An Ordinary Man With A Not-So-Ordinary Ability

Of course we know that Ye Sung is the only member of Super Junior who barely gives a reaction. The ordinary man that he is, we don’t often see him fooling around and getting dorky.
But when he laughs, everything just stops.
There is this overflowing charisma from Yesung whenever I see him laugh. The happiness is authentic. The joy is undeniable. It is contagious. It is epic.
I admit, I only got to fully appreciate Yesung’s physical appeal when I saw Idol Army. Don’t take me wrong, he’s as gorgeous as any Super Junior member but it’s just that I didn’t find him appealing at once. But as I’ve said, things changed when I got to watch Idol Army.
Yeah, my ultimate bias, LEETEUK, was there. But I have to admit that whenever the camera focuses on Yesung as he laugh, it’s as if nobody’s there. It’s as if the angel’s not there. It’s as if there is only this one beautiful creature laughing in front of my very eyes, exposing me to a contagious joy which only a Yesung can give.
Maybe I’m just feeling contented. It’s not always that I get to see him like that. His fluffy cheeks and single-eyelid-eyes are so relaxing that it makes me crave for more.


I can’t remember. Especially not with this image stuck in my head:

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