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Cyworld: Leeteuk 2010.01.02

Written on 2010.01.02 at 23:00
..2009..the beginning was blissful..
..the feeling of starting over again.. a very happy delightful..
..I felt that kind of happiness..
..I also learnt to feel with my wait and and how to endure.. much that everybody has matured..
..I’m Super Junior’s Leader..
..I suffered many hardships and I have always proved to be strong.. considering the various aspects.. a singer I have accomplished all..
..but I’m still heart is like that of a singer debuting yesterday..
..I always used to say it right?..And I will show you..2010..I’ll show you..
..because there is still so much that I haven’t been able to show yet..
..I’m sticking to Super matter what they say..Super Junior..E.L.F..
..I’m feeling that they are the only truth in this world…
..Shall we start off slowly for once?…
..I believe it’s not the END but an AND..
..I love you and love you..
credits: PJS Cyworld
trans by: Gaia @
It’s the third day of 2010′s first month and only now do I feel that New Year has really come.
Yeah, blame it on Teukkie’s Cyworld entry.
You know what, guys? 2009 has started great for me too. But as life has many unexpected twists and turns, I suddenly saw myself hating that year. Well, you know what happened – typhoons, financial crises, personal problems, Kangin’s suspension, Geng’s contract termination. I got so fed up with the year that I would want to forget it.
The truth is… 2010 could have started with me NOT noticing it.
My Christmas passed by that way.
But Teukkie’s entry enlightened me, as it always does.
And I’ve said it before, though half-heartedly, 2010 is year that we ought to look forward to. I’m saying it now with all my heart, I’m sensing a great 2010. The year of the Tiger will be as strong and as fierce as its representation. We’re starting again.
And we’re starting fresh.
Like Teukkie experienced, 2009 had made me go through different kinds of hardships. I’ve almost given up. Seriously. But I may not be someone so essential to the whole of the Sapphire Blue world, but atleast, there are some people in it whom I’m special to. And because of them, I have emerged victorious. I am now starting the new year with a promise that I’ll be someone better – a lot better than who I was; someone who will strive hard in order to bring out the best not just in myself, but in others too.
And yeah, I’m also sticking to Super Junior and to E.L.F.
Because I know I won’t make it through if not for these wonderful people. I became wonderful too just by being an E.L.F. And forever, I’ll be. Because from Leeteuk to E.L.F.s, we are one.
2009 is gone. 2010 has come. It finally gives me the excitement I used to feel every beginning of the year. I finally gained back the hope and faith brought by January. I’m starting anew – a same old brand new me.
Once again, God has used His angel to bring me back to myself. And once more, I am reminded that


I love you too, Teukkie. ^^

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