Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Isn’t Carribean, But Why Are There Pirates?

I knew it. And that’s the very reason I wouldn’t want Super Junior become famous in the Philippines.
I’ve told you before. Piracy is one heinous crime yet a blatant one in the Philippines. People just couldn’t get a way out of it. Sure thing, people guilty of this are foreigners, but it wouldn’t happen if Filipinos do not patronize.
But we do.
I’m not standing clean. I have my fair share of guilt. But I do consider things when buying pirated CDs – either I have no choice because I badly need to or I am planning to buy the original one AS SOON AS IT IS RELEASED HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES.
And I’m not used to using the second reason.
Aisssh. I don’t find it fair. I knew this was going to happen. Of course, as an E.L.F., I would really love to have Super Junior come to my country and find out that they’re number one on music charts. Well, yeah, it happened. Their album turned gold.
But with their album’s pirated copies selling for 50 pesos each, will it ever reach platinum?
I’ve said this before: PIRACY WOULD DO NOTHING GOOD. And if you think it’s the most practical thing ever, then at least take time to think on which products must you let to be pirated. If it’s cheap, then go for cheap.
If it’s Super Junior, come on, it doesn’t make sense if you buy the illegal copies.
Just so you get to enjoy the real perks on the album: PICTURES.

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