Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Kangin!!!


I’ve long been waiting for this day. At least I finally have an excuse to greet you a Happy Birthday. BECAUSE IT’S REALLY YOUR BIRTHDAY.
Kangin-oppa, you’ve suffered enough. You’ve had your share of painful memories of the past year but you never gave up. Though we didn’t see you with Super Junior on the past few months, you’re always the Kim Youngwoon that we all love.
I just want to wish you all the bests there is in life. In the most difficult times, please remember that you don’t walk through it alone. We are always behind you. We are always guarding your back so you may be able to step forward without hesitations.
If the time comes that you feel like failing, please remember the thought that whatever happens, you will always have us. Because it’s not for anything intellectual, material or physical that we loved you. It’s because of your being yourself, even with the title ‘IDOL’ carved on your forehead, for everyone to see.
Kangin-oppa, please continue believing on the power of love. Please continue believing that it is the greatest weapon we have against our antis. We will always be one, oppa – ELFs and Super Junior.
So on your birthday, I pray that you enjoy. Let go of all your worries and pain and just find yourself.
Happy birthday, my Bubbly Bully. Saranghae.

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