Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the Brink of Hiatus

I have a confession to make. Please don’t get annoyed.


And I’m losing control of my balls.
Nah. Take out the perv’s idea on your mind right now. It doesn’t apply.
Seriously, I’m on the brink of hiatus. Two days had passed and I wasn’t able to post anything here. The other two blogs I’m moderating are quite a mess now. Both seem to lack enough information which make it as update blogs. So, for now, I’m a loser.


As I’ve said, I am a juggler. You don’t understand, so it doesn’t make sense but if you do comprehend my comparison, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
I’m not just an ordinary student.
I am graduating on March. And though I go to class once a week, for only three hours, I have to be in school like a high school student.
Because I’m not just a student.
I am the head organizer of the biggest and most anticipated event in my university.
And really, it’s killing me.
I’m not bragging or anything. It’s just that I would want to speak of what I feel. I cannot tolerate the physical and emotional stress I’m going through – not with other responsibilities I have on my shoulders.
You see, I am not just a student. I am a daughter and I am a servant of God.
You don’t understand? Here’s my schedule:
Daily, I have to wake up before 9AM because I am in-charge of cleaning the whole house. As I clean, my computer is turned on because I’ve got to keep up with my sponsors (they’re never patient, you know). Then I’ll have to prepare for school.
At school, I spend the whole day walking, planning and talking to people. I have to settle a lot of things to keep things in order. Until now, I can’t understand why I managed to get into this field of ‘charity work’ when I don’t even know how to NOTact on impulse.
Then, when I get home, I have to review my lessons because my professor feels like he’s God when teaching.
But it would just be an option because it isn’t everyday that I feel like studyingTHESIS. And it’s not everyday that I will be free from the call of duty on church.
Yeah, on Saturdays and Sundays, I am often rushed to play the piano during the mass. Sometimes, I have to cover events because I’m the ‘unofficial‘ photographer of my organization. Though it’s fun, it’s tiring.
Late at night, I go back home to see my brother playing Starcraft and there is nothing I can do to stop him. So I just have to go on my paperworks and accomplish what I should.
I don’t even have time to see Super Junior. >.<


Because I’m enjoying the things I do.
Stress is killing me, yes. But I wouldn’t let it succeed.
I’m not giving in to the call of hiatus, because doing so means literally going crazy.
No Super Junior? No internet? Oh no.
I’m not stupid enough to let my life just go like that.

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