Friday, January 15, 2010

Super Show 2 in Manila: I Can’t Say It’s Confirmed, But I Can’t Say It Is Not.


I was once a Journalism student. I do write news and I am certain that no national newspaper company will ever publish something that isn’t proven yet, especiallyMANILA BULLETIN.
Yeah, Super Show 2 in Manila was announced today by Manila Bulletin. You can see the article here. It’s not a joke to use the company’s name on a fraud, so right now, I can’t help but really believe that indeed, Super Junior is coming to the Philippines.
I can’t think straight anymore. Mr. and Ms. UE Caloocan is just a month away and I’m supposed to complete all my tasks today. I’m supposed to go to my sponsors but I wasn’t able to. I am so tuned in to more confirmations.
Oh please, let this be true.
The article said PULP Live Production will be organizing the Super Show 2 here in Manila. I saw their announcement on Facebook. And I couldn’t find it as a scam. My connections to the creator of that announcement is a world-renowned director and a staff of a television station here in the Philippines.
I said I’m off to do some research to confirm this. And so I would’ve wanted to talk to people from PULP but I couldn’t. Really. Aissh. Last year’s summer was really something I have to forget.
Random again, sorry. Anyway, what am I saying?
The news came out on Manila Bulletin. It is using the name of PULP Live Productions. I am not sure where but I know I’ve heard the name Happee Sysomewhere. My connections to her on Facebook are two BIG people from the local entertainment industry.
Aisssh. Eotteohke? With sources as these, I can’t help but really, really 13elieve.

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