Monday, January 18, 2010

Now This Excites Me.

This is how Araneta Coliseum looks like from above.
The basketball court is where the stage for Super Show might be set.
The orange seats are reserved for the press people.
The red seats are the patron seats, where the tickets are of the highest amount.
The blue area is the lower box. Honestly, you still get to see them clearly if you’re here.
The yellow are is the Upper Box A. It’s quite far here but atleast, you still get to see the faces of whoever are on stage.
The green area is the Upper Box B. You don’t see the faces. But you get to notice who that person is.
And of course, the farthest, the general admission on the gray area. It’s the cheapest, yes. But the thing is, you’ve got to get yourself contented with the huge screen at the center top of the dome. ^^
I got the idea of posting this from TwELFs. It was originally posted on’s site. This is in contrary to the idea that there is a SUPER VIP ticket.
But whatever. There is or there isn’t, I don’t care. As long as I get to see Super Junior in the closest way possible.
I have been in Araneta for many times already. And I’ve actually seated myself on all areas except on the Patron. So I basically have the experience here. Cute. :)
I can’t really wait for the Super Show 2 here. I’m much more excited after seeing this. Yay!
See you there! :0

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