Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now You Can Rest, Hannie.

I’m not trying to bring back all the painful issues there are. Neither am I trying to relive everything that hurt us all.
It’s just that I miss Hankyung. I miss him so much that tears are now trying to escape my eyes.
Yeah, I miss him. A lot.
How long has it been since the issue came up? Barely a month? But why does it feels like such a long time already? Why does it feel like it’s been years when Geng ‘complained’?
Aissh. Random switch on.
I know being an idol is difficult. By merely seeing their schedules, I can already tell. It isn’t a joke to be in their positions. Especially if you’re in a group as famous as Super Junior.
We couldn’t expect much concern from SM. After what happened to DBSK, I barely see his concern towards his artists. To me, he’s treating his talents as plain money-makers for him. And it doesn’t make sense.  And I don’t think it will ever do.
Random switch switched to number 2.
I miss Geng so much. It was much more difficult missing a member now. Because a part of me is Geng-bias. But what can I do except pray and believe that everything’s gonna be fine? Aish. Why did 2009 has to be a cruel year to all of us?
Geng had filed a complaint because of overwork. Now, he’s in China with his family, and I want to believe that he’s enjoying himself. I’m still waiting for fancam pictures to surface the net, showing Geng as a happy person.
Random switch switched to number 3.
Somehow there is the benefit of everything that happened. There is something good in his actions against SM. Yeah, atleast, he can rest now. Atleast he wouldn’t steal time just to be able to take the longest nap possible. At least, he wouldn’t have to go to the hospital secretly because of sever stomachache and kidney problems.
So yeah, I am missing you a lot. But don’t worry Hangeng, you can rest for a while now. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be okay. And don’t think too much, we’ll still be here because we will be waiting for your comeback. We will always be beside you – to protect and love you.
Please do rest, Hannie. Please do.

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