Thursday, January 7, 2010

I told you, I was on the brink of hiatus. I was being eaten alive by stress. Too much of everything, I guess. It made me turn to prayers. I asked God to give me strength. I asked Him to grant me peace and rest.
And then I suddenly got the urge to listen to this new song, and I knew, God answered my prayer.
This song. The voice. It relaxes me. I’m yet to find the meaning of the song yet, but judging it from the melody, I know it’s something positiveDon’t worry, I wouldn’t mind being corrected. If it’s not, well atleast, it gave me the positive feeling at the moment.


My other angel. My another half. He’s indeed another person to complete me. His voice soothes the whole of me. I would’ve gone crazy over this whole-pageant-thing if not for this song.
I believe God has guided me to this. I believe He designed my fate for today because He wants me to organize my mind. And He used this song to relax me. He used Cho Kyuhyun to remind me that I have to rest, that I have to take care of myself.
It makes me want to sleep. But more than that, it makes me want to do my best for today’s activities. Without any exaggeration, I am calmed down. My other angel touched my heart again. And I am led to peace, once more.
God’s really wise.
He knows what to do, so He gave me Kyu.

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