Monday, January 25, 2010

The Inevitable Tears of Kim Heechul.

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I’ve just posted that I’ll be on hiatus but I don’t think I can start that break without having to write about the picture above.
Yeah. That is Heechul crying.
According to the fanaccount posted in, Heenim cried on the part when they were singing Shining Star. This was during their Super Show 2 in Beijing, China.
Wondering why?
I don’t know. But I have my share of opinions. I think I understand why he does.
According to the article, this was the first time when Heenim cried in front of the fans during a concert. Yeah, he made the crowd laugh and gave his best but there was no way he could escape the loneliness.
I believe it has something to do with Geng. My angel was said to cry too, and I’m not sure if I would want to see a picture of it. The two eldest were in tears. The two eldest were hurting the most.
And no one could ever blame them for doing so.
They were in China. They were on the same land where Geng is, but they can’t be with him. And I know how it feels to be without someone so special on one special evening, even though he’s just there.


I don’t want to go ranting again about why it should have to be like this. I’m in the process of understanding and I’m almost there. Everything has its own reasons for happening. There are some things which are inevitable, which are ought to unfold –though it hurts, though it feels like senseless.
I feel like crying too. Especially now that the Super Show 2 in Manila is fast approaching. I’m not losing hope, of course. Though I know that there is this huge possibility that we won’t be seeing ALL of them.
Here are more pictures which I do not own. And these mean tears.

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