Sunday, January 17, 2010

Whose Super Junior Family is This?

If anyone’s gonna ask who are in the picture, then I suggest you click the close button on the upper right corner of your screen. If you don’t know whose family this is, then you don’t belong here.
Just kidding. I just want you guys to practice your logic on this. I got this from soompi and no time was wasted before I knew who they are.  Stare at the father. You get what I’m thinking?
Yeah. He’s Leeteuk’s father. And this is Leeteuk’s family.
At last! I’ve finally met my in-laws. ^^~~
With this picture as proof, the beauty really runs through the veins of the Parks. If I’m stupid, I’m gonna think that this is actually Leeteuk. His father looks really like him. And that’s so cute to look at.
I wonder what his father used to do when he (dad) was still in his teens. I wonder if he’s as talented as his son. The beauty is no question. It’s quite obvious of the picture.
I really got nothing SOOO special to say. I’m just so glad to finally have met my future family. :)

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