Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Show is NOT a Concert…


First, I would like to thank whoever who took the photos which I’ve used and I’m about to use in this article. I also wanna take the chance to thank that one person who wrote an article about the Super Show 2 in Beijing from which I found someone who’s belief is the same as mine, that Super Show 2 is really not a concert but more of a party with hot men attending.
I’ve always thought of that. I’ve always known that whens Super Junior says they’re having a concert, it means they’re announcing a party to which everyone is invited.That’s how it is. That’s how it looks like it.
I’ve attended lots of concerts before and all of them are the same. But the boys had introduced me to a different style. They have introduced me to the best kind of concert there is.
Look at the pictures below. You don’t get to see other artists like how they are, do you? That’s the beauty of being thirteen, yes. But that’s something only Super Junior can do.

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