Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just A Little Sacrifice

Super Show 3 Manila is pushing through. There’s no turning back and we’re definitely making it happen.
Being someone who has friends in SUJU-Mad, I am terribly excited that I just can’t contain it. On February 26, 2011, Araneta will once again be turned into the magical world that it was like on April this year.
We’re going to see the boys again and we are making sure that it’s going to be DAEBAK.
But all the good things come with little sacrifices. After all, life has a give-and-take rule. We receive joy, then we should give back some as well.


I think I have made it clear before that participating in the fan projects prepared for the boys is the only way we could give back to the joy they’ve been giving us since day one. It’s a way of saying ‘Thank You’ to them for sticking up with each other and with us for the past five years.
It’s the only way to touch their hearts.
My message is simple: WE HAVE TO JOIN THE FAN PROJECTS.
This should be an unbreakable rule.  I don’t care if you’re old or new in the fandom. I don’t care where you’re sitting and who you’re coming with. I don’t care if you’re just there for the bragging right of having seen Super Junior up-close.
Just as long as you participate in the projects.
It’s a little sacrifice we’re compelling everyone to do. Please help us in making it happen for the boys, even for the last time. Please.


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