Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank KYU for Coming Back…

I wasn’t there when it happened. I didn’t know them yet that time. But everytime I’ll remember that fateful day, my heart just cries.
Until now, it is the feeling of ‘what if’s’ which kills me inside. What if they weren’t rescued? What if the medics didn’t notice that he’s bleeding? What if he didn’t make it? What if we didn’t have him?
Too many thoughts when what is important is that he survived… and that he’s alive well with us.
When I first heard Kyuhyun’s Love Again, I felt the emotions it conveys. I felt the love. I felt the fear. I felt the loneliness. But that time, I thought it was just another love song, just made beautiful by Kyuhyun’s angelic voice.


As I’ve read on SJ-World, Love Again actually tells about the accident. It speaks about the pain and depression which Kyuhyun went through. Three months in the ICU, falling in and out of consciousness, days of not being able to speak due to trauma, broken ribs, damaged lungs, fractured hip… This song made me realize that Kyuhyun didn’t really go through something funny; and that everytime I’ll see him on TV or hear him sing, I have to say a prayer of ‘Thank You’ to God for bringing him back here.
The song plays as I write this article. Tears are continuously flowing as well. Everytime the chorus plays, I can’t help but love Kyuhyun more.
For he held on. He didn’t give up. He fought for his life because he knows that there are people waiting for him to come back. And maybe, he had known as well that there are still a lot more people who has to know him. There are still a lot more people who are bound to love him and stay with him when all else disappear.
Maybe he knew that he is still yet to prove to others that miracles exist.
And if ever I would have the chance, if ever the world will turn counter-clockwise and he’ll read this article, I just want to tell him that even though I wasn’t there when everything started, I promise I’ll be beside him until the very end.
I know that my words will never be enough to tell how grateful I am that he came back. But I just have to say it in the best way I can. Because if not, I wouldn’t have known how it feels to have a Cho Kyuhyun in my life.

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