Monday, December 6, 2010

In Hot Times Like This, I Blame KYU.

Next to Super Junior, SM The Ballad is the best thing that ever happened to Cho Kyuhyun.
First and foremost, I admire the voices of Jonghyun, Jay and Jino. But I have to be fair with myself. I am not saying this just because I’m an ELF and I love Super Junior. I will say this because this is what I think is true.
Kyuhyun is undeniably the best ballad singer in SM Entertainment to me.
I know how good he is in singing. Being with Super Junior, he has managed to prove the world how great he is in playing with songs. But this, being in SM The Ballad, it’s awesome.
When I saw this video, I came into another realization. Kyuhyun has more to show us. His singing prowess, there’s still much we haven’t heard. I can feel it. I know there’s a lot more to come. We just have to wait.
Until now, I still cannot remove the smile on my face. Each scene is still vivid in my memories. The other three members have their own style and I have to admit that I really like it, especially Jjong’s. But then again, when the screen shows Kyuhyun, everything just fades away.
And all that is left is him and the way he exudes overflowing charisma by just standing there on stage, singing.
Somehow, I died and lived again to write this article. I’ve been so looking forward to seeing a video of him singing that short rap part (절대로 절대로 찢어지지 말자~)and the high notes.
And boy, I wasn’t disappointed.
This is the Cho Kyuhyun I’ve been hoping to see when I was listening to the teasers.
This is the Cho Kyuhyun which I’ve been very proud of since 2007.
This is the Cho Kyuhyun I’ll forever look up to.
This is the Cho Kyuhyun of Super Junior.
This is the Cho Kyuhyun that I love.
I am this crazed for HOT TIMES. What more if he performs LOVE AGAIN live?

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