Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I’m Now a Hyukjae-Biased. Thanks, Ed.

Okay, so this has nothing to do with Super Junior. But in a way, yes… Because I’m talking about X Crew.
I had dinner with them last Monday (December 20th) in Makati. I met my sister, Lee, for the first time and I invited the members since she likes them too. Gladly, five of them came.
Seriously, Lee and I had a lot of fun with Kuya Jerry, Atchie, Jet, Pipo and Ed. We talked, laughed and spazzed over things like we’re the only people in the restaurant and it was really something I honestly didn’t expect.
There were lots of surprises that night. First, I wasn’t expecting Pipo, Ed and Jet to come since they don’t reply to my messages. Second, I didn’t anticipate that we would be that lively throughout the whole time that we were together. And last, it didn’t cross my mind that I’ll switch my top 1 bias in the group to Ed. LMAO.
Until now, I still laugh at the following jokes and funny moments that made up that night:
  • -          KyuTeuk/Eunhae, with Atchie Ahjumma
  • -          Danica’s calls and Jet’s hellos
  • -          The conversations of Lee and Ed in Bisaya
  • -          Jet’s context clues
  • -          Lee’s notebook filled with Super Junior
  • -          Pipo’s freaky way of asking
  • -          Pipo’s “Hello Danica”
  • -          The lost arm of Atchie’s pendant
  • -          Lee’s level 11 English accent
  • -          Bouncer Jet
  • -          Kuya Jerry’s “free to five thousand”
  • -          Bonamana carolling
  • -          SPET = SPOT + JET, the past tense of SPIT and my stuffed toy’s new name
  • -          Mango-flavored Melona
  • -          Atchie’s Kimchi stew
  • -          Ed’s samgyeopsal-eating challenge
  • -           ‘WTF. Why am I smiling?’- Jet (while we were close to dying due to that bus ride)
  • -          My 20-peso-bills stupidity
And the bests (Ed got us on this):
  • -          Miroticking
  • -          “Excuse me”
I would definitely fill up pages if I transcribe everything into words. Though I wouldn’t mind detailing everything here, I guess it’s better to keep it this way. What’s important, anyway, is that we were there, we had fun and I get to make Lee understand why I love these people so much.
Honestly, it was the best Christmas gift a fan could ever have. Though it may appear absurd to others, I felt like I was really dining with SJ members. Of course, you know this group’s effect on me and I tell you, it just keeps getting better and better each time.
I was able to see through them again. I was given a good view of their real personalities: Atchie’s quiet and sweet… or not. Kuya Jerry’s very friendly. Pipo’s scary. Jet’s a kid. Ed’s terribly funny. I was able to see things not all fans can see, and it made me feel flattered – so flattered that I wish the thin line separating idols from a fan will just vanish.
Nevertheless, this is too cliché but Jet’s right. Right now, I am thinking again of what I did to deserve this. The laughter from that night resounds through my head like it’s never-ending; and if only I can turn into words the gratitude, you all know I will.
That night shamed all the depression I felt. Indeed, I might not be in good terms with romance or riches, but when it comes to fandom and friends, I’m one of the luckiest.
Thank you, guys. I love you. ^_^

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