Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keeping the Sapphire Blue Flame Ablaze

Funny how I see the connection on almost everything; but when you think about it, it’s actually amusing to know and realize that everything in this world is correlated. And everything I see connects, in a way or another, the world to Super Junior.
This time, it’s with Science. I just remembered a lesson I had during the fifth grade. My teacher told the class that there are different colours of flames. If I remember it right, it’s red, orange, white and blue.
And among all four, blue is the hottest.
Succeeding that thought, I realized: THIS IS DESTINY.
Since Super Junior became widely known, I became more convinced that it is fate which brought them here. The calculation of the names, the calculation of their birthdays, the instances in their lives, the luck of 13, the blessing of 15 and now, this blue flame… It’s like I’m being told that they’re everywhere.


That’s why I’m keeping the blue flame ablaze. I’m keeping the fire alive. And it shall burn its glory forever in my heart.
THIS IS A STUPID POST. But I hope you do get my point.

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