Friday, December 10, 2010


Sometimes, it takes just one person to console you from everything that has happened. Sometimes, it takes just a few hugs to be assured once again that everything’s gonna be right. Sometimes, it takes one brave person to do not mind the pain you’re both feeling to get you back to the real purpose why you’re living.


Jungsoo, the most, wasn’t okay. I bet until now he’s still carrying the burden. From how I’ve known him, he’ll be blaming himself for the disappointments of his members and his fans.
That’s Jungsoo for us, all.
And here’s Heechul for him.
Honestly, what Heechul did were the things I know Jungsoo needed the most – a tap in the shoulder, a smile, words of encouragement (though I don’t know what he really said).
Now I’ve got Heenim to thank. Actually, all Jungsoo-biases have to thank him for this.
We couldn’t be there for Jungsoo as much as we want to. We couldn’t be beside him to give comfort. We couldn’t be there to assure him that we’re making it up to him. We couldn’t be there to make him feel better.
But Heenim was there. And he did those things for us.
Right now, I am smiling while tears are still threatening to fall. My heart, as how it used to be, is constricting because there’s pain in there which I cannot fully released.
But though I can’t breathe, I feel better when I think about the 83-line’s brotherhood.
Heenim, despite the viciousness and insolence, was there: hugging and comforting the leader, his hyung, with all that he can. The act of Heenim covering Jungsoo’s eyes meant so much to me. It’s a simple way of protection only Heenim can do.
Words cannot really express the gratitude I have towards the cat. I want to thank him for looking up to Jungsoo as his only hyung. I want to thank him for taking care of the leader when nobody else couldn’t.
After all, I believe it’s what Jungsoo needs – an assurance from someone of his age that he’s not carrying the pain alone.
Thank you Heenim, I love you.

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