Friday, December 10, 2010

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get


It’s not just because I’m an ELF that I revere this man. It’s not because he’s damn more beautiful than any pretty girls I’ve seen. It’s not because he’s a member of Super Junior.
It’s because I know him.
His insolence, his viciousness, his vanity, his arrogance, his indifference – these things make other people believe that Heenim is up to no good and that idolizing him is not the best thing to do.
That hurts me because if I wasn’t an ELF, I would still definitely look up to this man more than how I does with anybody else in this fandom.
And I’m telling the truth.
Some people see Heenim as someone who doesn’t care about anybody except his cats. But you know what? People who thinks that way are mistaken.
Because Heenim is more than the person they think he is.
Heenim might be insolent but he knows how to appreciate. Heenim might be vicious to some but he knows when to act as such. Heenim might be indifferent but he’s a strength to his friends and brothers. Heenim might be very vain but since when does speaking the truth becomes wrong? Heenim might be arrogant but he still fears.
Truth is: First impression doesn’t always last. Heenim has long proven that to me. And as I continuously see videos of this person comforting the other members after their surprising loss in GDA, I can’t help but affirm more for myself that indeed, if there is one person I can always refer to kids as the best example, it would be Kim Heechul.
And until the day that life turns its back on me, I will carry in my heart the inspiration that this one person has set.
For he is Kim Heechul, and that is one fact that will never ever change.

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