Monday, December 27, 2010

Through Whatever

I may seem like an ultimate X Crew stan but truth is: There are still some times when I end the day thinking why I really love this group. Aside from the fact that they’re covering Super Junior and they appreciate me and my writings about them, I still wonder what is it really with them that convince me to be this devoted.
Honestly, I don’t know.
Well, not until Kuya Jerry put a clearer sense on everything.
Over a cup of mocha frap, X Crew’s Donghae managed to make me realize that it’s no longer because they’re covering SJ that is why I love their group. It is now because they are composed of Kuya Jerry, Atchie, Jhane, Jet, Ed, Ate Jen, Pipo, Majo, Charm and Kuya Marvin.
Yes, I love them now for who they are and no longer because of what they do…
And finally, I’m making much sense.
I cannot disclose to you whatever we talked about but I can say that those things I’ve learned about them are more than enough to make me continue believing on them.
This is why I can’t wait for the Dream Concert on the 29th. It’s surely going to be fun as I’m no longer watching them as an anonymous fan. Call me assuming but this would be the first time that I can tell myself that I’m watching my friends perform. That’s the coolest thing ever…
And since it’s their last performance for the year (and I’m not sure when I’ll be seeing them again on stage, performing my favourite SJ songs), I am sure that this is going to be very, very special too.
I am so looking forward to it. Basing it from my own experience, I am pretty certain that the pressure is building up by now. Nevertheless, I’m sure they’re getting by just fine. After all, they’re X Crew.
I’ve talked to Jhane on Christmas Eve and I feel her worries over the outcome of the performance. Indeed, I was right with the thought that she’s pressured. But I told her that whatever happens, I will believe in X Crew like how I did when I first saw them.
Not like my words would ease her anxieties but I am sure that it would somehow be of help. I know it made a difference.
Because it’s the truth.
No matter what the outcome will be and no matter what others will think about them, I’ll be there – cheering, waving my banners high, being proud that I’ve managed to be friends the few of the most wonderful people in this very wonderful fandom, believing in the group like how I always did.
I know it’s gonna be daebak. Because we’re talking about their destiny.
See you all on the 29th.

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