Sunday, December 12, 2010

It’s Yet Another Example.


It was another disappointment and I am obviously not over it yet. It was two nights ago already and the pain is still fresh up to this very minute. Though I can’t cry anymore, I still feel the depression and frustration over what happened.
But I think I’ll get by sooner than I expected.
Thanks to this wonderful angel again.
When they didn’t win, Jungsoo was my first thought. Well, of course, he should be. I’ve been praying for this award since I know that this is what he really wanted. This was what he has been working hard for.
But he didn’t get it. We weren’t able to give it to him.
So he cried in the same frustration and despair that we all did.
But the next day, I was convinced that somehow he is okay.
He drank with Heechul the whole night after GDA. I guess that’s the reason why he tweeted he wouldn’t sleep. Then the next day, he tweeted a very random message saying ‘GIVE ME BACK MY 500 WON!!!!!’. And I knew right then and there that I have fallen in love with the angel more.
Because for the nth time, he stayed strong.
Like how I always believed, strength is how one keeps his composure despite the sad turnouts of events. But it also refer to the ability to get up and stand again after falling real hard.


Indeed, I made the right decision of loving this guy.
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