Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I’m Getting By

It has been a year since Geng left Super Junior and surprisingly, the lawsuit had been won and the prefix former- can now be included when we refer to him as a Super Junior member.
I was taken by surprise when I heard of the news. But I was much taken aback when I learned that SM Entertainment is planning to file an appeal to the court’s decision.
My first question was: IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?
People may be judging me right now. I can say that I’ve been a good defender of Hangeng when everyone I knew was bashing him because of what he did. I am confident to say that for the past year, I protected him with all my might despite all the uncertainties. I believed in him. I believed in their brotherhood.
But things change.
You see, it has been a year and it might seem very fast but it is long enough for a heart to mend. I guess that’s what happened. I was too wounded and the cut was too deep, I thought it wouldn’t heal anymore.
But it did, after a year.
Honestly, I have come to a point when I began asking, ‘do I still care?’ That is why when I heard of SM Entertainment’s plan to file an appeal, I shrugged off the expectations. For now, I don’t want to believe anymore.
After all, if it is Geng’s decision to leave, nothing can force him to come back – even a legal appeal.  That’s how he is ever since. If he wants something, he’ll do everything to make it real. That’s the reason why he travelled to South Korea with only a tourist visa. That is why he joined SM Entertainment even though he can’t understand Korean. That is why he was once a Super Junior member. That is why he left.
Don’t get me wrong. I love him so much and I’ll support him no matter what. But my heart’s too tired and my mind’s too overworked.
I need a short break from all these.

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