Friday, December 10, 2010

Let’s Make It Up to the Boys!

I’m still trying to get over the frustration and depression over Super Junior not being able to win this year’s Disk Daesang.
Truthfully, I don’t have anything against SNSD. In fact, if they didn’t compete against the boys, I would’ve cheered for them. So first and foremost, I would like to state that no bashing of the girls is happening. ELF are merely stating their disappointments toward what happens.
I wish that those who wouldn’t believe will find in their hearts that their idols are girls, and @teukables is right, they don’t need to go to the army. Whereas, our boys are bound for duty starting next year.
Please. No bashing intended. But stop it. You’re just making it things worse for us.
So let’s go to my point.
The boys are disappointed. It was even said that Jungsoo and Donghae didn’t join the congratulatory picture because they were crying. Siwon was obviously disappointed too, as this is their only dream every year.
We’re all butthurting too.
But here’s something that made me cheer up: The boys’ true award is US.
We are their true Disk Daesang. We are their true recognition. We are their ultimate prized possession. That’s why we have to assure them that we are still here, and that we will never be leaving their sides.
For Philippine ELF and all others whose country is yet to be visited by SS3 this coming year, we have the responsibility to make them see that they are well-loved and well-appreciated.
Guys, I call that we participate in all the fan projects for the Super Shows in our respective countries. This is the best thing we could ever do to compensate. This is the only way we could let them realize that they are still winners, with or without the title…
And by that, they have already created history.
Philippine ELF in particular, we are still presented with our last chance. Let’s make it successful. Let’s make it up to them.
This time, let’s make them cry again… Not because of disappointment, but because of overwhelming joy.

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