Friday, December 10, 2010

The Ultimate Tearjerker

My dog just died without warnings. We were all surprised here at home. And I’m really crying and I’m sure my eyes will be puffy tomorrow.
And oh, I forgot to say I’m sick.
But what made me cry more is this:
This was taken during the Golden Wave Concert a while ago. It’s a concert held after every Golden Disk Awards night.
I know Ming cried last night, based on fan accounts. I really don’t want to believe it because Ming was the emotionally strongest member for me. He seldom cries. As much as he can, he keeps it to himself. He doesn’t want to shed tears.
But look, he just did.
I told you, a crying Ming is such a tearjerker to me. Seeing him this disappointed makes me realize more that I am to be blamed for the tears he shed. It’s such a heartbreaking sight to see. Puffy eyes, red nose… This is not the reality I wanted.
Ming have worked hard as well. This year was supposedly theirs. I still don’t get it why they won though I won’t question GDA’s decision. Nevertheless, I cry with the boys.
The picture said it all.
I see a Ming crying while waving to his fans.
But I know that it’s the very same Lee Sungmin who will work harder to bring out a better character for us – someone we can be prouder of, someone we will love more.
aa;kldf;ljk. I’ve gone random again.
Mind’s too fucked up. Loss. Death. Tears. WHAT THE FUCK IS COMING NEXT?
All pictures not mine. Credit it as tagged.

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